Saturday, February 21, 2009

Snow Camping

Snow Camp 2009 –

On February 21, Troop 516 went on their annual snow camp. We went to the same place as last year, Chula Vista Camp, which is located at Mt. Pinos in the City of Frazier Park. Frazier Park is located approximately 75 miles from South Pasadena taking the 210 to the I-5 North. Once you get to Frazier Park, it’s another 12 miles to the base of Mt. Pinos, and then another 16 miles to the top. There you park and hike another 500 ft. to the Chula Vista Campsite. I went early that day to make sure we reserved a good camping spot which included a picnic table and fire ring. I had to dig out the table, fire ring, and area for the tents. If you wait until night to do this the ground is frozen and it’s almost impossible to dig down more than a couple of feet. That night we ate hamburger helper in tortillas and had cookies for dessert. The boys built a huge fire, did some late night sledding followed by a few card games and then it was off to bed. The next morning we broke camp, made some awful pancakes followed by a few more hours of sledding.

Very Important Tips – (1.) get their early during the day to reserve the campsite. (2.) do not try to dig out the area for the tents or else you will be digging for ever. Instead bring a metal rake and smooth the area out for the tents, let the ground freeze and then set the tents up. (3.)make sure the boys bring SLEEPING PADS you do not want to sleep on a sheet of ice. Bring two if they have them. (4.) bring waterproof boots. If they do not have boots make them put their feet in zip-lock bags and then with stretchable duct tape but trash bags over their shots around their feet because if their feet get wet you’re done. (5.) gloves, not mittens are a must.

We did rent five (4-season) tents from A-16 for $140 for the night.

Lastly I was very surprised how cold it got. During the day you could wear a short sleeved shirt. When the sun goes down the jacket come on. At about 10:00 PM it seemed to drop another ten degrees and at 1:00 AM it dropped another five degrees. It was freezing cold at 1:00 AM until about 9:00 AM.

The boys had a blast, this is by far one of their favorite trips.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Norton Simon Musem

In order to meet certain requirements of the ART Merit badge Troop 516 went to the Norton Simon Musem in Pasadena in February 2009. While there we were able to view art from the 14th - 16th Century, 17th - 18th century as well as the 19th century. Several pieces by Impressionists and Post Impressionists were on display such as Monet, Renoir, and Van Gogh. I think the boys enjoyed the Asian Sculpture Garden the best. Troop 516 also wants to give a special thanks to Jordan Daines who was our counselor for the Art Meirt badge. The boys did their best to copy some of Jordan's artwork . It wasn't until after we told her whose paintings they were that she was able to recognize them. Again thanks Jordan!